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Start hundreds of fires with a flame source of 5400deg Fahrenheit. This tool is SAFE Fireproof in solid form.


3 Easy Steps!

  1. Shave narrow side(opposite the black sparking insert) with any knife. The knife blade should be held perpendicular to the tool.
  2. Accumulate magnesium shavings to about the size of a quarter into a small pile and place next to tinder (Paper, Dried Leaves, Small Twigs, Bark, etc.)
  3. Support edge of tool on ground within 1 inch of magnesium shavings at approximately 45 degree angle. Scrape the entire length of the sparking insert rapidly. For maximum sparking effect, be sure to hold the knife blade perpendicular to the sparking insert. This action will generate sparks, causing the magnesium shavings to ignite, providing a white hot flame.

This tool could save your life!