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Brand KeyBar

The KeyBar Brass is a key organizer that works like a multi-tool for your keys and other everyday carry items. Just load your keys in and organize them how you want, and your keys stay put in a neat package without rattling sound or poking in the pocket. To use a key, simply turn it out from the KeyBar. The titanium pocket clip allows easy attachment to the pocket, belt or bag.

With the included screws, the KeyBar can hold up to 12 keys, and the separately available extension screws increase the capacity even more. To determine if your keys will fit, use this information: Distance between screw holes 65 mm, screw post diameter 4,2 mm. The KeyBar works the best with flat keys. Bulkier items such as a car key can be attached to the included titanium key fob link.


The KeyBar comes included with the following:

  • 1 × KeyBar
  • 1 × Titanium pocket clip (plain color, regular size)
  • 2 × 13 mm screws (up to 4 keys)
  • 2 × 19 mm screws (up to 8 keys)
  • 2 × 22 mm screws (up to 12 keys)
  • 20 × Washers
  • 2 × O rings (allows tension adjustment)
  • 1 × Titanium key fob link



  • Size: Length 89 mm
  • Material: Brass
  • Weight: 50 g
  • Made in U.S.A

*Keys And Accessories Not Included*