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Whether you find yourself working in an environment where you need rugged clothing or if you're often outdoors in an area that is known for having difficult terrain, then you might want to take a look at our HIGH DESERT BDU Bermudas. These Bermudas are on the flashy side, but their appeal lies in the combination of comfort and strength that they provide.


Although they're made out of a 100% Ripstop cotton, you should know that these Bermudas do not sacrifice durability for comfort. They come seat in double stiched seams which adds to their durability. There is no way that they will let you down in that regard. Not only is this a strong and comfortable piece of military clothing, it's also quite useful. You can adjust the waistband freely.




  • Weight: 350g
  • Size: S, M
  • Price: S$35.00
  • Material: 100% Ripstop Cotton
  • Remarks: Military Style, Street wear, Ideal for Work, Hiking or Fishing Trips.



Waist Size in Inches

  • S = 30″ to 32″
  • M = 33″ to 35″