SKU: 191053-002

The 191053 RIP-AWAY IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) Pouch was designed with all of these needs built into the usability of this pouch. What are the key features that make an effective first aid or EMT pouch?

(1) Size - there has to be plenty of room for the gear

(2) Organization Features so that things will stay in their place and be easy to see

(3) Easy Access – entry into the pouch has to be easy and when open it must display all the gear

(4) Ability to easily remove the pouch to place it where the need is, rip or pull away from its secured platform.

This 8”H x 8.5”W x 1”D pouch offers a unique deployment feature. The kit is pulled out of the main sleeve either to the right or left. It then unfolds exposing all of its contents offering easy access.

The pouch offers (2) pockets, (9) elastic retention straps of varying sizes (2) eye loops, and a hook & loop strap. The pouch cover flaps have hook & loop straps that allow secure adjustment for various size load-outs. The outer pouch has plenty of Pals webbing for customization.

All of these features mean faster deployment of assistance to the patient (Major Benefit). The basic pouch design plus the unique TEAR AWAY (Pull Out) panel make this the right pouch for you. There are many other uses for this pouch as well.

Carry your tools, personal items, anything that you may want to remove quickly for immediate deployment.



  • Multiple Uses - Can be used for easy deployment of tools or other gear
  • Pullout Panel design for quick deployment
  • Multiple pockets (2) and elastic loops (9) for storage
  • Flexible fabric design offers the ability to have large or small loads
  • Hook and loop webbing panel for identification
  • Pals webbing for customization
  • Great VALUE – Right Price providing continued Performance over Time



  • 8" H x 8.5" W x 1" D - 6" Mod Strapes attached