Wanted to give our shot a vehicle visor cover to make holding all kinds of small gear easy and quick access. The core of the panel has alot of horizontal elastic slots, however we also include 3 elastic ties to crate vertical elastic zones.

One can weave them in many different ways to control the loop size. The loop velcro zones also are sewn down webbing style to provide more slots and PALS compatibility along with holding cool guy patches. On the other side there is even more loop velcro with quick pen slots on top of a sleeve for a stash zone with a clear sleeve pocket next to it. Either sleeve works well at holding a 3 x 5 notebook. Attaching with simple velcro straps, we made the large size to fit a typical pickup truck sized visor whle small is just adjusted slightly to fit on smaller car visors. One can mount the visor webbing down for quick access or webbing up to conceal items a little better as desired. Made in the USA by Tactical Tailor.


  • Size: 12" x 6.25" test on visor around 12" post to post
  • Note: Although 3 elastic straps are included, no other gear / patches are included
  • Color: Black, Marine Coyote, Wolf Gray