The Klarus 5-In-1 paracord curcival bracelet tool is more than just a wristband. This outdoor survival tool combines the convenience and comfort of a bracelet with the versatility of multi-tool. The heavy-duty paracord material is tightly woven together so that it takes up little space and can be worn on your wrist; unravel the material to reveal up to 10 feet of string that can be used throughout a campsite.

In addition to the 10 feet of paracord string, this survival bracelet also includes the following outdoor survival supplies; compass, whistle, flint and scraper. The built-in compass is located within the buckle of the bracelet and may be used to help navigate throughout rough terrain.

The whistle, on the other hand, is a great signaling device for when danger approaches. Finally, the flint and scraper are used together to create sparks for fire starting. What sets this Klarus 5-In- survival bracelet apart from other paracord wrist and is that it combines an assortment of tools together into a small, wearable package. As an added bonus, the paracord bracelet is also stylish, and durable, enough for everyday wear.


Features & Specifications

  • 2-In-1 design combines a multi-tool a paracord bracelet for a wearable survival apparatus
  • Included Tools:
    • 10 feet of paracord
    • Signaling whistle
    • Fire-starting flint
    • Scraper can be used with flint or as a separate knife
    • Compass
  • Paracord string can be used as fishing line, tie-down rope, sewing thread, shoelaces and much more
  • Durable buckle securely fastens the paracord around a wrist for comfortable, everyday wear