Brand Gerber
SKU: G-04307

The blades in Gerber knives and multi-tools are engineered from high quality stainless steel that excels at edge retention. Still there comes a time when proper sharpening is called for.

For those occasions, we offer an extensive array of sharpening solutions. We're talking about everything from diamond to stone to ceramic to steel. The solution you choose depends on what you're sharpening, and which method you prefer. Whatever the case, Gerber's got you covered.



  • Fine ceramic rods for razor sharpness
  • Coarse ceramic rods for aggressive sharpening
  • Made in China


Sharpening Instructions

  • To use, Simply position fingers behind the finger guard & hold the knife at a 90-Degree Angle to the sharpener.
  • Pull the blade back lightly in straight, even strokes.
  • Start with the Coarse Rods (1) to Remove Blade Imperfections.
  • Flip Sharpener over to use the Fine Rods (2) for Final Honing of the Blade.

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