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Brand Nitecore

Bi-fuel Camping Lantern
The Nitecore LA30 Bi-Fuel Camping Lantern is the newest addition to Nitecore's lantern series. Available in Blue and Yellow this portable lantern is perfect for your next camping trip. The bi-fuel capabilities allow you to utilize this light with the included Li-Ion battery pack or with everyday AA batteries. AA batteries can be found almost anywhere and is a great backup power source for your portable lantern if you have no way to charge the battery pack. Additionally, the LA30 provides you with hands-free lighting options such as a magnetic base that lets you attach your lantern to tent poles or other metallic objects around your campsite and a metal loop that lets you hang your light. The Red and High CRI outputs will help prevent eye strain over long periods of time, with the added benefit of using the Red outputs to preserve your night vision or to signal for help in cases of dire emergencies. Portable, bi-fueled, and extremely versatile the LA30 Lantern is one of the best lights to keep in your camping gear.

Uses Innovative APC Technology
The Nitecore LA30 offers a maximum runtime of 56 hours! This extremely long runtime is perfect for a fun weekend out camping because you are guaranteed to have a light when you need it. This maximum runtime is achieved through the help of the constant current circuit which provides a continuous light output and with the help of the innovative APC technology in the light. The integrated Advanced Power Cut-off system makes sure that there is absolutely no power being drained from your battery when it is in the stand by mode. This can be critical if you find yourself stranded off the beaten path and you need to preserve your light's remaining runtimes. Moreover, the LA30 camping lantern is O-ring sealed with an IP66 rating making it extremely resistant to water and harsh weather environments.



  • Advanced Power Cut-off technology guarantees no battery power will be used when in stand by mode
  • Single activation switch allows you to easily control all outputs
  • Constant current circuit provides a consistent bright output
  • Compact and lightweight makes this lantern extremely portable
  • Red outputs preserves night vision and can be used as distress signals
  • The high CRI outputs resembles sunlight and produces less eye strain over time
  • Runs on the included Li-Ion battery pack or on everyday 2 x AA batteries
  • Magnetic Base and metal loop offer a hands-free lighting option
  • Constructed from water resistant PC materials
  • Available in Blue and Yellow
  • Included Accessories:
    • 1 x O-ring for the Battery Cover
    • 1 x O-ring for the Screw
    • 1 x USB Cable



  • LED: 8 x CRI LEDs and 3 x Red LEDs
  • Power Source: 1 x Built-in Li-Ion 3.7V 1800mAh Battery Pack (Included) or 2 x AA (NiMH 1.2V Recommended)
  • Peak Beam Distance: 35 meters | 114.82 ft.
  • Peak Beam Intensity: 80 cd
  • Brightness Outputs (Using 1 x Li-Ion Battery Pack):
    • High 250 Lumens - 4 Hours
    • Medium 55 Lumens - 8.25 Hours
    • Low 8 Lumens - 56 Hours
    • Red Light (High) 40 Lumens - 7.25 Hours
    • Red Light (Low) 5 Lumens - 48 Hours
    • Red SOS 40 Lumens
    • Red Beacon 40 Lumens
  • Brightness Outputs (Using 2 x AA):
    • High 250 Lumens - 3 Hours
    • Medium 55 Lumens - 7.5 Hours
    • Low 8 Lumens - 48 Hours
    • Red Light (High) 40 Lumens - 6 Hours
    • Red Light (Low) 5 Lumens - 40 Hours
    • Red SOS 40 Lumens
    • Red Beacon 40 Lumens
  • IPX Rating: IP66
  • Impact Resistance: 1 meter | 3.28 ft.
  • Dimensions:
    • Length - 2.96" | 75.20 mm
    • Width - 1.95" | 49.50 mm
    • Height - 2.12" | 53.80 mm
  • Weight (Without External Battery): 4.61 oz. | 117 g